Consumed in 2013

The master list of everything I consume for entertainment is back again!


The Silver Linings Playbook, Matthew Quick
The Emperor’s Soul, Brandon Sanderson
Sharp Objects, Gillian Flynn

Norwegian Wood, Haruki Murakami
Crazy Salad: Some Things About Women, Nora Ephron

The City of Dreaming Books, Walter Moers
Vampires in the Lemon Grove, Karen Russell
This Is Where I Leave You, Jonathan Tropper

Revenge, Yoko Ogawa
Dark Places, Gillian Flynn
The Walk Up Nameless Ridge, Hugh Howey

NOS4A2, Joe Hill
Double Feature, Owen King

The Uninvited Guests, Sadie Jones
Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls, David Sedaris
Joyland, Stephen King
The Colorado Kid, Stephen King
The Ocean at the End of the Lane, Neil Gaiman
Coraline, Neil Gaiman

Twittering from the Circus of the Dead, Joe Hill
Life After Life, Kate Atkinson

Christine, Stephen King
Under the Skin, Michel Faber (re-read)
The Courage Consort, Michel Faber
Night Film, Marisha Pessl

Save Yourself, Kelly Braffet
Harrowgate, Kate Maruyama
Hell House, Richard Matheson
The Hurricane, Hugh Howey
Rosemary’s Baby, Ira Levin (re-read)

Rob Delaney: Mother. Wife. Sister. Human. Warrior. Falcon. Yardstick. Turban. Cabbage., Rob Delaney
Machine of Death, edited by Ryan North, Matthew Bennardo and David Malki


Human Condition, Part 2: Sanguine, Wynter Gordon (2013)

The 20/20 Experience, Justin Timberlake (2013)

Look Around, Eden Espinosa (2012)
O’Farrell Street, Shoshana Bean (2013)

Music from Baz Luhrmann’s Film ‘The Great Gatsby’ (2013)

The Movement, Betty Who (2013)
The Love Club, Lorde (2013)
The Mystery of Edwin Drood, 2012 Broadway Revival Cast Recording
Blueprints – EP, Bright Light Bright Light (2013)
Bad Blood, Bastille (2013)

Meet Me at the Edge of the World, Over the Rhine (2013)

Once I Was An Eagle, Laura Marling (2013)
The Civil Wars, The Civil Wars (2013)
Halcyon Days, Ellie Goulding (2013)
Heartthrob, Tegan and Sara (2013)

The Electric Lady, Janelle Monae (2013)
Make Me Believe In Hope (Blueprints Version), Bright Light Bright Light (2013)

Pure Heroine, Lorde (2013)
The 20/20 Experience—2 of 2, Justin Timberlake (2013)
The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You, Neko Case (2013)
Days Are Gone, Haim (2013)
The Bones of What You Believe, Chvrches (2013)
Prism, Katy Perry (2013)

PTX, Vol. 2, Pentatonix (2013)
Foreword, Tori Kelly (2013)
ARTPOP, Lady Gaga (2013)
Night Time, My Time, Sky Ferreira (2013)
Britney Jean, Britney Spears (2013)

Wrapped In Red, Kelly Clarkson (2013)
Bare Bones – EP, The Civil Wars (2013)
Hemiplegia – EP, HAERTS (2013)
Tribute, John Newman (2013)
Sing to the Moon, Laura Mvula (2013)
BEYONCE, Beyonce (2013)


Young Adult (2011), directed by Jason Reitman
Looper (2012), directed by Rian Johnson
Brave (2012), directed by Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman
Silver Linings Playbook (2012), directed by David O. Russell
Les Miserables (2012), directed by Tom Hooper
Chungking Express (1994), directed by Wong Kar-Wai (re-watch)
The Return of the King (1980), directed by Jules Bass and Arthur Rankin, Jr.
Compliance (2012), directed by Craig Zobel
Zero Dark Thirty (2012), directed by Kathryn Bigelow
The Avengers (2012), directed by Joss Whedon (re-watch)
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2012), directed by John Madden
The Lion King (1994), directed by Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff (re-watch)
Shakespeare in Love (1998), directed by John Madden
Bluebeard (2009), directed by Catherine Breillat
Anna Karenina (2012), directed by Joe Wright
The Artist (2011), directed by Michel Hazanavicius (re-watch)
Django Unchained (2012), directed by Quentin Tarantino
Lincoln (2012), directed by Steven Spielberg

Pitch Perfect (2012), directed by Jason Moore
O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000), directed by the Coen Brothers
Tiny Furniture (2010), directed by Lena Dunham
Mama (2013), directed by Andres Muschietti
Les Diaboliques (1955), directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot
Jackass 3 (2010), directed by Jeff Tremaine
Safety Not Guaranteed (2012), directed by Colin Trevorrow
The Master (2012), directed by Paul Thomas Anderson
Life of Pi (2012), directed by Ang Lee

Death at a Funeral (2007), directed by Frank Oz
Jeff, Who Lives At Home (2011), directed by Jay and Mark Duplass
Friends with Kids (2011), directed by Jennifer Westfeldt
Paranormal Activity 4 (2012), directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman
Silent House (2012), directed by Chris Kentis and Laura Lau
Creepshow 2 (1987), directed by Michael Gornick
Raising Arizona (1987), directed by the Coen Brothers

Pride and Prejudice (2005), directed by Joe Wright
LOL (2012), directed by Lisa Azuelos
The Awakening (2011), directed by Nick Murphy
The Baby’s Room (2006), directed by Alex de la Iglesia (re-watch)
Ju-on: The Grudge (2004), directed by Takashi Shimizu
Session 9 (2001), directed by Brad Anderson (re-watch)

The Devil’s Carnival (2012), directed by Darren Lynn Bousman
Reservoir Dogs (1992), directed by Quentin Tarantino
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1995), directed by Bryan Spicer
Holy Motors (2012), directed by Leos Carax
The Fountain (2006), directed by Darren Aronofsky (re-watch)
Upstream Color (2013), directed by Shane Carruth
House at the End of the Street (2012), directed by Mark Tonderai
The Great Gatsby
(2013), directed by Baz Luhrmann
Psycho (1960), directed by Alfred Hitchcock (re-watch)
Star Trek Into Darkness (2013), directed by J.J. Abrams
Silver Linings Playbook (2012), directed by David O. Russell (re-watch)

Stranger Than Fiction (2006), directed by Marc Forster
Primer (2005), directed by Shane Carruth (re-watch)
The Royal Tenenbaums (2001), directed by Wes Anderson
Superbad (2007), directed by Greg Mottola
The Orphanage (2007), directed by Juan Antonio Bayona (re-watch)
V/H/S/2 (2013), directed by Simon Barrett, et al.
Much Ado About Nothing (2013), directed by Joss Whedon

Beautiful Creatures (2013), directed by Richard LaGravenese
The Conjuring (2013), directed by James Wan
She’s All That (1999), directed by Robert Iscove

Much Ado About Nothing (2011), directed by Josie Rourke
Jurassic Park (1993), directed by Steven Spielberg (re-watch)
My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend (2013), directed by Mike Birbiglia
The NeverEnding Story (1984), directed by Wolfgang Petersen
My Neighbor Totoro (1988), directed by Hayao Miyazaki
Curse of the Golden Flower (2006), directed by Zhang Yimou (re-watch)
Fear(s) of the Dark (2007), directed by Blutch, et al.

The ABCs of Death (2012), directed by Nacho Vigalondo, et al.
 (1998), directed by Tony Bancroft and Barry Cook
Our Idiot Brother (2011), directed by Jesse Peretz
You’re Next (2011), directed by Adam Wingard
Happy Together (1997), directed by Wong Kar-Wai
Conan the Destroyer (1984), directed by Richard Fleischer
The Shining (1980), directed by Stanley Kubrick
Room 237 (2012), directed by Rodney Ascher
Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013), directed by James Wan
Can’t Hardly Wait, (1998), directed by Harry Elfont and Deborah Kaplan
Side Effects (2013), directed by Steven Soderbergh
Street Angel (1928), directed by Frank Borzage
The Docks of New York (1928), directed by Josef von Sternberg

Applause (1929), directed by Rouben Mamoulian
Vertigo (1958), directed by Alfred Hitchcock (re-watch)
Deliverance (1972), directed by John Boorman
The Legend of Hell House (1973), directed by John Hough
Hocus Pocus (1993), directed by Kenny Ortega (re-watch)
The Exorcist (1973), directed by William Friedkin (re-watch)
Fright Night (1985), directed by Tom Holland
The Ring (2002), directed by Gore Verbinski (re-watch)
Perfect Blue (1999), directed by Satoshi Kon (re-watch)
Fright Night (2011), directed by Craig Gillespie
Evil Dead (2013), directed by Fede Alvarez
Gravity (2013), directed by Alfonso Cuaron
Carrie (2013), directed by Kimberly Peirce
Stoker (2013), directed by Park Chan-wook
Rosemary’s Baby (1968), directed by Roman Polanski (re-watch)
Wait Until Dark (1967), directed by Terence Young (re-watch)
The Others (2001), directed by Alejandro Amenabar (re-watch)
Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), directed by Wes Craven

The Emperor’s New Groove (2000), directed by Mark Dindal
Cabaret (1972), directed by Bob Fosse (re-watch)
Sharknado (2013), directed by Anthony C. Ferrante
The Hunger Games (2012), directed by Gary Ross (re-watch)
Frances Ha (2012), directed by Noah Baumbach
The Princess Bride (1987), directed by Rob Reiner (re-watch)
Thor (2011), directed by Kenneth Branagh (re-watch)
Clue (1985), directed by Jonathan Lynn (re-watch)
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013), directed by Francis Lawrence

The Book Thief (2013), directed by Brian Percival
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (2013), directed by Peter Jackson
American Hustle (2013), directed by David O. Russell
Side Effects (2013), directed by Steven Soderbergh (re-watch)


Girls, Season 1

House of Cards, Season 1
Enlightened, Season 1
Enlightened, Season 2
Twin Peaks, Season 1 (re-watch)

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (webseries)
Frank Herbert’s Dune (re-watch)
Hemlock Grove
, Season 1
Children of Dune (re-watch)
Veep, Season 1 (re-watch)

Seinfeld, Season 8 (re-watch)
Seinfeld, Season 9 (re-watch)
Broadchurch, Season 1
Bates Motel, Season 1
Development, Season 1 (re-watch)
Arrested Development, Season 2 (re-watch)
Arrested Development, Season 3 (re-watch)

Arrested Development, Season 4
Orphan Black, Season 1
The IT Crowd, Season 1 (re-watch)
The IT Crowd, Season 2 (re-watch)
The IT Crowd, Season 3 (re-watch)
The IT Crowd, Season 4 (re-watch)
Doctor Who, Series 3

Doctor Who, Series 4
Spaced, Season 1 (re-watch)
Doctor Who, Series 5
Doctor Who, Series 6
Spaced, Season 2 (re-watch)

Orange Is The New Black, Season 1
Better Off Ted, Season 1 (re-watch)
Doctor Who, Series 7
Better Off Ted, Season 2 (re-watch)

Parks and Recreation, Season 1 (re-watch)

Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt. 23, Season 1
Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt. 23, Season 2
Parks and Recreation, Season 2 (re-watch)
The Wrong Mans, Season 1
Parks and Recreation, Season 3 (re-watch)
An Adventure in Space and Time
The Catherine Tate Show, Season 1 (re-watch)
The Catherine Tate Show, Season 2 (re-watch)

The Catherine Tate Show, Season 3 (re-watch)
Parks and Recreation, Season 4 (re-watch)
Doctor Who, Series 1 (re-watch)
Parks and Recreation, Season 5 (re-watch)
Beyonce: Life is But a Dream
Doctor Who
, Series 2 (re-watch)
Sherlock, Season 1 (re-watch)
Doctor Who (TV Movie)


6 thoughts on “Consumed in 2013

  1. Norwegian Wood is a lovely book. Its one of my favorites.

    Posted by spectator | July 13, 2013, 4:51 am
  2. Eclectic amalgam. Nice. Is the “Lock up your libraries…” quote yours?

    Posted by Eric Tonningsen | July 23, 2013, 5:27 pm
  3. Thanks for citing the source. No mortal sin there. At times, I get lax and don’t always attribute. So shoot me. 🙂

    Curious, are there any downsides to potentially over-consuming?

    Posted by Eric Tonningsen | July 24, 2013, 3:04 pm
    • No problem! Happy to help.

      It’s interesting that you’d raise that point, actually; I just wrote a post defending my heavy consumption of entertainment materials here (https://coryhersh.com/2013/07/24/why-i-consume-so-much-entertainment/). Though I stand by what I’ve said there, I think one of the potential drawbacks to reading/watching a lot of fiction is the eventual cynicism toward sub-par works. Call it losing your sense of wonder toward creative pieces: something needs to be drop-dead amazing for you to take notice. All of the books and movies that are merely good barely register with you in the long run. It’s something I struggle with, that constant comparison to things better and bolder.

      Posted by Cory Hersh | July 24, 2013, 3:10 pm


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"Lock up your libraries if you like, but there is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind."

-Virginia Woolf, "A Room of One's Own"




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