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Idol’s Top 9 Rock Out

It was Rock and Roll Hall of Fame night on American Idol this evening, and while that theme seems to imply covers of classic rock songs, it actually seems to provide contestants with just another opportunity to showcase their wheelhouses. However, I’m not saying that is a bad thing. In the vein of last week and the week before, the remaining finalists delivered a solid performance show. In fact, I agree with the observation my friend Kelcie made: this was the best performance show yet this season. Honestly, ranking these covers was a nigh arduous task, because, yet again, no contestant slipped up with an unfortunate genre-switch or particularly out-of-tune vocal. Everybody sounded great, save a few janky notes here and there. So, to rank these potential Idols, I had to look beyond the vocal to the performance. Who actually performed the song convincingly instead of just singing a competent cover?  Continue reading

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