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My Top 10 2012 London Olympic Moments

Way, way back when I was but a novice writer (because I’ve clearly progressed so far now), I wrote a monthly Top Ten column for my high school newspaper, The Garaway Gazette. In true nostalgic spirit, I decided to resurrect the format for a post-Olympics wrap-up piece. Since I spent most of the past two weeks being both enthralled by the London Games and disgusted at my own general schluffy couch-potato nature (especially when I snacked while I watched), there was no way I could devote so much of my time to one thing without blogging about it.

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A Brief Word on the Olympics and the Value of Criticism

Here’s the thing: I like a healthy dose of both sides, positive and negative, in my Olympic coverage. Another thing: the Olympics are awesome and probably always will be, but they’re also a cultural event, a sizable blip on the world’s pop culture radar. Because they’re in the spotlight, they’re open to criticism, and we’re seeing more of it during these 2012 games than ever before.

As someone who prides myself on my ability to think critically about all sorts of things, I happily support staff writers for magazines and websites writing articles like this one (http://www.grantland.com/story/_/id/8220839/terrible-fashion-2012-london-olympics) that are a little jokily snarky about the Olympics in one way or another. This writer is still clearly having fun watching the Games, but he’s also not letting the glitz and glamour of it all cloud his razor-sharp critical mind. He spits a little good-natured vitriol towards the Olympic fashions, a minor part of the Games at best. (Best line: “He looked like a man whose apres-swim tinnitus is ‘Let’s Get It On.'”)  Continue reading

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