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Post-Movie Thoughts on The Hunger Games

So, I joined the throngs of people this weekend who packed into movie theaters around the country to watch Katniss Everdeen, she of the fiery-lady fame, open up a can of whoop-ass on her fellow Hunger Games tributes, and pull in the third-highest opening weekend ever. ($155,000,000!) My pre-movie concerns were thankfully in vain, and while the adaptation was not perfect, it was deft, faithful and pretty darn enjoyable. Continue reading

Pre-Movie Thoughts on The Hunger Games

I’m leaving to see the latest pop culture phenomenon/movie adaptation,¬†The Hunger Games, in about an hour after initially reading the book last May and then re-reading it this week. While I don’t think the book is the best thing ever to hit bookstore and library shelves, I do think that it’s a quick and exciting read that does a nice job blending plot and “message” for a young adult audience. In an attempt to be concise/brief/laconic (read: things I’m not), here are a few issues I’m excited to see the movie tackle and some points I hope they adapt well. Expect another post soon for my post-movie thoughts.

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