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Kelcie Counts Down Her Favorite Concerts – Guest Post

In considering potential guest post topics for A Multitude of Drops, I sought a subject that would meet three qualifications that I feel are important:

1. It must match and make sense in the context of Cory’s previous blog topics
2. It must be an expression of something that I care about and blog about
3. It must somehow reflect my friendship with Cory

In light of these requirements, I have chosen to create a list of my favorite concert experiences. This matches the content of A Multitude of Drops in both its subject (pop culture/entertainment) and its form (a list). Music is a big part of my life and I love attending concerts, so it meets my second qualification; and Cory and I (along with our friend Dut) have rocked out at many concerts together, so the third requirement is also fulfilled. Continue reading

On Family and the Maturity That Comes With Years

It’s tradition: every year, all 36 of us Hershbergers cram into the delightfully kitschy Indian Bear Lodge in central Ohio for a weekend of good food, exciting games of cornhole (I mean, we have official tournament brackets, trophies and everything) and hearty belly laughs all around. As a younger man, I think I took these get-togethers for granted; I saw my family all the time (we also have monthly birthday parties where we all get together and celebrate the birthdays of the past month), and though family camping was my favorite gathering of the year, I never really appreciated how fantastic it actually is. Continue reading

Talkin’ Bout T. Swift – Guest Post

As part of official Blog Wars 2012 rules, each competitor must do at least one guest post on each of their fellow competitor’s blogs, and as such, I’d like to extend a hearty welcome to Erin of Act IV. I met Erin last year when she moved in with fellow blog warrior Kelcie. Since Erin is sarcastic, intelligent, a literature lover and the owner of a delightfully dry & wry sense of humor, I knew we’d get along excellently. Here, she waxes poetic on everyone’s favorite pop-country starlet, Taylor Swift. And props to you, Erin: we all should just like what we like. Continue reading

Despair Has Its Own Calms

This week, as part of the coursework for a free online literature class I’m taking with Dut and my fellow blog warrior Erin, I read Bram Stoker’s classic Gothic vampire novel Dracula for the first time. Given my penchant for horror, it is no surprise that I loved it completely. So, with a tip of the hat to Mr. Stoker and without any further ado, I give you my foray into vampire fiction; just don’t expect any glittering or romance here.

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Your Schadenfreude for the Day

You ever have those moments where you just wanna press the proverbial Control/Command + Z button combo on the past five minutes and just start over? Well, join the club, ladies and gents, because I just had a ridiculous set of mishaps befall me in very close succession.

I have long been known to have ridiculous little everyday things happen to me, like dropping an egg on my foot or getting toothpaste in my eye, and then I dramatically share them with the world at large so we all can have a good schadenfreude laugh. (I am the KING of laughing at myself, no joke.) Continue reading

My Top 10 2012 London Olympic Moments

Way, way back when I was but a novice writer (because I’ve clearly progressed so far now), I wrote a monthly Top Ten column for my high school newspaper, The Garaway Gazette. In true nostalgic spirit, I decided to resurrect the format for a post-Olympics wrap-up piece. Since I spent most of the past two weeks being both enthralled by the London Games and disgusted at my own general schluffy couch-potato nature (especially when I snacked while I watched), there was no way I could devote so much of my time to one thing without blogging about it.

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On Owning A Cat

It’s early. I blearily steal a glance at my alarm clock, which obnoxiously glows 5:46. Why am I awake? I feel a rustling under the covers and pull them up slightly, only to be met with a pair of wide, furtive eyes and a tentative meow. This mobile, feline wake-up-call returns to gently batting at what has so captured his attention: my, uh, how you say, family jewels.

Cut to another morning this week. It’s early, of course. I’m awoken by a quiet mewling and the ginger pressure of a kitten paw on my arm. I open my eyes to see the culprit stretch in annoyingly cute fashion, stand up, and do a full turn inches from my face. He settles back down after making himself comfortable, places his butt right in front of my squinty morning eyes and lets out a big, airy fart.

He got pushed off the bed for that one. Continue reading

A Challenge for the Ages: Blog Wars 2012

As a result of some frenzied, back-and-forth tweeting on a Friday night, my friends Kelcie, Erin and I decided to embark on a competition designed to better us as writers and, to a lesser extent, narcissistically stoke our own writerly egos: Blog Wars 2012. The rules are simple: basically, the person with the most blog posts by next Sunday night is the victor. Posts are required to be of a substantial length (300 words, with the exception of creative pieces, which can be shorter) and cannot be intentionally subpar. Additionally, each participant must guest post on each of their fellow participants’ blogs to actually be crowned Most Prolific Blogger. Continue reading

"Lock up your libraries if you like, but there is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind."

-Virginia Woolf, "A Room of One's Own"




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