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The Crazy Dreams Continue: Nights of 7/5-7/7

Ever since the nightmare I had two weeks ago, I’ve been having some ridiculous dreams. None of them have been remotely as scary as that one was, but they have been wild nonetheless.

Let me just break down last night and the night before’s crazy subconscious creations for you. (Sidenote: I am thrilled that I am remembering my dreams as well, because, as I’ve mentioned before, I usually do not.)

Night of 7/5-7/6: I dreamt that I was awake late into the night with my roommate Dut in our apartment, and we were watching a movie or some such. He went to the bathroom, and I glanced up at the wall, where I saw a mouse about the size of my fist, splayed out on the wall a couple feet up. He was mysteriously clinging to the middle of the wall with nothing but his tiny little paws. Displaying remarkable bravado, I stormed over to the mouse and swatted it down with one giant swipe of my hand. It was stunned and I proceeded to grab it in my fist. Dut is still MIA at this point, and I haven’t heard the bathroom door close, nor any typical bathroom sounds (running water, a flush, etc.). At this point, I glance over to my room, where Haley Reinhart from American Idol 10 is asleep in my desk chair. She groggily wakes up and heads to the bathroom, where she pees without closing the door. This is all happening while the little beady-eyed mouse is nibbling at my closed fist. Not painfully nibbling, but more like a tickling. Haley returns to our living room, where she informs me that she thinks she heard some weird breathing coming from the shower. I head into the bathroom, where I discover Dut, curled in the shower, fully clothed, snoring. He had apparently planned on taking a shower, but was overcome by a fit of narcolepsy and just passed out in the tub. In order to wake him up, naturally, I threw the still-alive mouse and hit him squarely in the chest. Then I woke up.

Night of 7/6-7/7: This dream is less detailed, but I specifically remember going to a medieval faire with Dut and our friends Ben and Catherine, where Catherine excitedly entered a jousting competition. She surprised everyone by being really, really, good. She won the state-wide championship, and was given a solid gold jousting lance, which would be impossibly heavy to lift, but in my¬†irrefutable¬†dream logic, was light as a feather. After competing in the national jousting championship (which was, of course, the next day) and taking first place, she was given the opportunity to time travel to the 1300’s and fight dragons. She proceeded to grab Ben’s hand, shout “To fight dragons, we go,” and both of them jumped through the portal. I woke up at this point, but I imagine that they proceeded to kick some lizard tail back in the Dark Ages.

So, there you have it. Who knows what tonight will bring? I’m currently reading Dracula and The Crucible, so I fully expect to dream about Abigail Williams as a vampire terrorizing London, and if that happens, you can certainly expect another entry on it tomorrow.

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