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A Surprising Idol Ouster

This will be a short one.

Come on, America! You sent PIA home? (Check out video here.) That’s astounding. She has been one of the most consistent vocalists this season, and you reward her by giving her a ninth place finish? I’m a little dumbfounded, if I’m being honest.

I normally am not too surprised by an Idol elimination (see Casey’s elimination; of course the judges were going to save him), but this one sent me for a loop. Stefano’s thin voice is like a tricycle next to Pia’s Ferrari of an instrument.

I felt so bad for Pia as she broke down sobbing immediately after her rocky reprise of “I’ll Stand By You,” but I actually felt just as bad for Stefano. How awful does he feel, knowing that all of the judges were fully expecting him to go home and now he survives to belt out another week? That single screenshot of his face said it all.

Obviously, Idol will go on, but poor Lauren and Haley should start packing their bags, it seems, because America has it out for the women this year. Out of seven starting females, they are the only two who remain, while all six original gentlemen still stand. Guard yourselves, ladies! Don’t let yourselves go home before Jacob and Stefano!

But, here’s to you, Pia. You may have been moderately boring with your constant stream of schmaltzy ballads, but your vocals were stellar, soaring and on point every week.

And as for the rest of the results show, I refuse to give Iggy Pop’s atrocious/shirtless shout-sing performance and Constantine Maroulis’s rocky evisceration of “Unchained Melody” any more blog-time than this single sentence.

Hershberger out.

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